I’ve been thinking how to show you my dearest treasure so that you understood how dear she is to me. At the end I decided it was impossible to do, so here she is – as I see her every day after school – doing her homework 🙂



I managed to capture our dog and one of our cats connected with the desire to eat a piece of food that was dropped on the floor.

However, I saw our animals united not only in such situations.

Our cats, siblings found abandoned by their mother in our garden, stood by themselves when the other one was not well, and searched for their brother or sister when he or she went too far from the safety of our home.

We, people, quarrel a lot, make wars, but we can also unite. When a small boy was lost away of his house this winter, many people united to find him. Many people donated their money when a young woman had to pay for an expensive, lifesaving surgery.

When we unite that way something beautiful happens. Suddenly, all the divisions disappear and we stand arm in arm as one, guided by the light and good that dwells inside of us…

… and the Earth changes into a place where wonders take place.


laleczkaPSAmy woke up in bad mood and muttered angrily when I called her to come down. She was dressing slowly and reluctantly and got irritated when I hurried her as the clock was inevitably counting minutes to the departure of the school bus.

When she pulled her top over her head, I looked at her dear, sulky face and asked casually:

‘Nothing under the pillow, was it?…’ Continue reading


We do not need distant or expensive things to make us happy.

For me simple, every day things are the source of great joy and bliss.

Bliss is the taste of buttered slice of bread (Polish bread is delicious with its crispy crust!).

Bliss is the smell of fresh air.

It’s time spent with the beloved ones.

And now, in the early spring it’s the sunshine and spring flowers coming to greet it.



Trees have something majestic about them. They are here, beautiful and full of peace, connected with the Mother Earth, all the time, all year round, however sometimes we don’t even take notice of their existence.

That’s why I would like to show them in my pictures and invite to make friends with them 🙂 (same as Tinyexpats did very beautifully here).