kotekYou can’t see me, but I’m keeping an eye on you!



We do not need distant or expensive things to make us happy.

For me simple, every day things are the source of great joy and bliss.

Bliss is the taste of buttered slice of bread (Polish bread is delicious with its crispy crust!).

Bliss is the smell of fresh air.

It’s time spent with the beloved ones.

And now, in the early spring it’s the sunshine and spring flowers coming to greet it.



Trees have something majestic about them. They are here, beautiful and full of peace, connected with the Mother Earth, all the time, all year round, however sometimes we don’t even take notice of their existence.

That’s why I would like to show them in my pictures and invite to make friends with them 🙂 (same as Tinyexpats did very beautifully here).




My home is enormous…

It’s the place where a smile of the beloved ones greets me at the door.

Where the cats snuggle up on my knees.

Where spring adorns all the nooks and corners with  green leaves and flowers.

Where winter spreads crispy snow under my feet and deep blue sky over my head.

It’s the whole beautiful planet inhabited by people I call my brothers and sisters.



Thank you for the beautiful, bright days you gave us.

Thank you for the mists and rains.

For the fire in the fireplace.

For the evenings spent with my family.

Thank you for   –    PEACE… SILENCE… SPACE…

of the one marvelous morning with sparkling snow under my feet and deep blue sky over my head!

See you next year!


Tiny Expats is the host of Show Your World blogging event which I like very much since it’s a great way to join bloggers from all parts of the world. If time permits, I would like to participate 🙂


Winter came to the north of Poland late this year.

However, it came beautifully!

First it gave us shiny, icy jewels in the holly leaves.

Then it changed dry weeds on the river bank into elaborate winter flowers.

At the end it came in its full splendor covering everything with beautiful, immaculate, white blanket. Changing the world into a silent, magic fairytale.

Maybe this time I’m early enough to join Photo of the week 🙂