kaczuszka‘I won’t sleep today! Last night I had a bad dream.’
‘Darling, if you keep fighting with what is, it doesn’t help, just the opposite.
It causes stress and makes it even more difficult to cope with the problem.’
‘But I try not to fight! I try so hard not to think about those bad dreams! And I just can’t make it!!!’ Continue reading


Amelka had hardly sat in the chair, when we heard:
‘It’s no joking matter. There is a serious defect here.’
I felt a sudden contraction in the stomach. Regular visits at the eye doctors’ for six years and something important had been overlooked? Or was it me that had neglected something?! Continue reading




I’ve been thinking how to show you my dearest treasure so that you understood how dear she is to me. At the end I decided it was impossible to do, so here she is – as I see her every day after school – doing her homework 🙂


laleczkaPSAmy woke up in bad mood and muttered angrily when I called her to come down. She was dressing slowly and reluctantly and got irritated when I hurried her as the clock was inevitably counting minutes to the departure of the school bus.

When she pulled her top over her head, I looked at her dear, sulky face and asked casually:

‘Nothing under the pillow, was it?…’ Continue reading