I know where you are – I know that place.

Once, we sat together in a dark corner, curled up from fear. There was despair lurking in your eyes.

Sometimes, a ray of sun shot through the dirt-grown window but it rushed out in an instant terrified by the fusty darkness. Through the wall came children’s laughter – message incomprehensible for us that life can be different.

I went out of there. Or maybe I didn’t go out… because I did nothing…

I know that when I managed to collect enough rays of sun and children’s laughter, the walls of my prison suddenly collapsed… Or maybe they didn’t collapse, but vanished somehow…

I suddenly understood that I decide what my world looks like – and I chose joy… of every minute – whatever it would be like.

I understood that I am painting people around me with my thoughts – and I decided to see a friend in every person.

You probably think: It’s easy to say.

I know it’s difficult when there is a wheelchair instead of your legs or when you have to struggle to tear every breath out of life. Or maybe your legs and lungs are sound but your world changed into the depths of despair.

In spite of that, please – come out to me.

Or you’d better not come out… don’t do anything.

Stop struggling… Believe that every minute is ok just the way it is and don’t try to change anything. Listen to the laughter of children, touch the sun rays and the walls of your prison will disappear…

… and the miracle of life will begin.

Because there has never been any prison.

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