kaczuszka‘I won’t sleep today! Last night I had a bad dream.’
‘Darling, if you keep fighting with what is, it doesn’t help, just the opposite.
It causes stress and makes it even more difficult to cope with the problem.’
‘But I try not to fight! I try so hard not to think about those bad dreams! And I just can’t make it!!!’

No, not that way! Too many words. An image. I need an image. Suddenly, I notice a little yellow rubber duck.

‘Imagine a little duck swimming on a stormy sea,’ I start and Amelka freezes staring at me. ‘Little duck’s webbed feet are paddling like crazy. She desperately wants to swim where she wants.
But the waves are stronger – even big ships cannot cope with them, leave alone a little duck. The yellow bird gets more and more tired and every second she’s more frightened. She cannot accept the fact that everything gets out of her control.’

Amelka looks at me – apparently interested – so I continue:

‘Think what would happen if the little duck would just let the waves carry her. She might not swim where she wants, she might not be content, but she doesn’t lose her strength and she can calmly let get carried by what is happening and what is completely out of her control.
After some time the storm ends. The little duck looks around and, in a distance, she can see the bit of land she wanted to reach. She smiles widely. Not tired at all, she starts paddling her feet and every stroke makes her closer to her destination.’

Silence follows. I can see an absent look in Amelka’s eyes. The tension has disappeared from her face and a gentle smile has taken it’s place.
‘Have you made it up all by your own,’ she asks after a while.
‘It’s wise.’
‘Is it?’

The next morning she comes down cheerful as a shining sun.
‘You know what?’ she puts her arms round my waist and looks playfully into my eyes. ‘Yesterday I wasn’t afraid to fall asleep at all!’

Wow! How wonderful! A tiny victory on the winding paths of life!

But the most wonderful is to let life’s waves carry you. Accept all life’s gifts with joy. Perceive every hardship, every suffering as an opportunity to grow, to learn, to become more and more beautiful, better and better human being.

That’s what I try to do. Sometimes I succeed… Sometimes I don’t…
Just like most of us, probably…

When we celebrate the beginning of the New Year, I wish us all encounter more successes that defeats and be always able to find the joy of life in our hearts…

…to touch the Light inside of us 🙂

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