kotek-male3Little paw cautiously touches my knee. Little face reaches up and draws close to my face trustfully. Wide open, emerald eyes look at me saying:
‘I can trust you. I know you’ll never hurt me.’
‘Are you sure?’ I ask perversely.
‘I am. I’ve checked on you.’
‘I watched you carefully when you used to come with the little bowls of food.’
‘You were sitting quietly. Your gestures told me everything about you – they were so gentle and soft. Every day I saw you sitting closer and closer. In the end your little stool wandered so close you could touch me. I got scared then but very soon I realized your touch could be pleasant.’
‘Did you?’
‘But the best came many days later, when I dared to lie down on your lap. It was so soft and gentle… and so delightful I couldn’t stop purring.’
‘It was Love.’
‘You felt safe and loved.’
‘I did… and that word beginning with L. Tell me, please, what it means.’
‘It says I can see only goodness and beauty in you.’
‘Was it in your eyes when Little Girl was going out to school and you kissed her head good bye?’
‘Yes, it was.’
‘But when Big Man soiled the kitchen floor and it took a lot of your work to clean it, there was something else in your eyes.’
‘It was anger. I was tired and in bad mood then, but it didn’t last long.’
‘You are right. First you were talking very loudly, but after a while you touched his hand and your eyes met. There was something warm in them – like the spring sunshine – and suddenly time stopped as if it has never been here.’
‘So it was.’
‘And what will you do if I scratch you with my claws?’
‘I don’t know. I’m a human only. But I’ll forgive you very quickly.’
‘I’ll forget it.’
‘Love forgets?’
‘True, pure love forgets in an instant. No, it doesn’t forget – the truth is it doesn’t notice anything you did wrong.’
‘Can you do that?’
‘I can’t. I’m only a human… but I know the Love is inside of me and sometimes I can touch it.’

The little mouth stretches in a lengthy yawn. We got engaged into these sophisticated deliberations and it’s high time for the afternoon nap. The emerald little eyes close and the little head falls softly on the little paws.

So many words and yet it’s so simple when you look into somebody’s eyes.

wpis po polsku znajdziesz tutaj


7 thoughts on “SOFT AND GENTLE

  1. I really cannot say how you can improve this. I read it twice. The second time I went more slowly and understood it well. I find the conversation very interesting to read. Maybe more experienced persons would have some proposals on how you can improve this but for me, I find it superb.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautifully written. I never would have thought of a writing in such a way with a kitten. I’ve never had a cat. I have a dog…and it would be very interesting to see what I would come up with for a story line. Thanks for your creativity. Great Job! As far as the pictures, I post pics and that might be what catches the eye, because photography is another passion of mine; but when you receive comments on your story…that’s what you need to be proud of. 🙂


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