Amelka had hardly sat in the chair, when we heard:
‘It’s no joking matter. There is a serious defect here.’
I felt a sudden contraction in the stomach. Regular visits at the eye doctors’ for six years and something important had been overlooked? Or was it me that had neglected something?!

Then followed an hour of looking at various boards, dots and dashes, arduous decisions if a picture was more prominent on the red or green background.
As time went by, Amelka started squirming impatiently in the chair, and my confidence in the expensive Optometrist got smaller and smaller – like a balloon with the air slowly escaping from it. The confidence disapeared completely when I heard that a long, costly series of eye exercises was needed.

I politely said goodbye but left agitated. It shouldn’t be done that way! Using fear to force people to buy your services?!

I was walking slowly holding Amelka by the hand. We were passing colorful shop windows and the spring sun was so nice and warm, that suddenly I felt enormous joy of life and my anger started disappearing very fast. After a while I simply felt sorry for Mr. Optometrist. He could do beautiful, good things making crowds of people come to his packed with expensive stuff office. However, his fear wouldn’t let him – fear that he had to earn, to pay, to feed, to buy, to go…

When I was looking at the smiling little face of my daughter – eating a chocolate filled doughnut (a reward for an hour of hard work), I suddenly remembered Mrs. Head of the Ward – the woman I could trust with my life and with lives of my beloved ones. And I remembered Deepak Chopra’s advice:

Find your unique talent, something you love doing.
Everyday ask yourself, how you can serve others and how you can help them.

The beautiful words went deep into my heart and one day they made me sit down over a sheet of paper and start writing. The words keep changing me and my life and help me find what is dearest to me, what I want to do – for myself and for others…

… and you?…

Who are you?…

Is there more of Optometrist or of Mrs. Head of the Ward in you?

Do you live beautifully giving yourself and others wonderful gifts of love and care? Or are you only wallowing about in the life’s mud?

Please, don’t give up! Keep looking and find the one, unique talent that was given to you and noone else in the whole world, something that would make you feel warmth and light in your heart. That would change your life into a wonderful fairytale.

You are a precious jewel. There has never been nor would never be anyone like you again.

Please, don’t waste your time doing things that are not worth you…

Inspired by a visit at a optometrist’s and a beautiful book (not only for kids) – “Opowieści o Błękitnym Psie”  by Beata Majchrzak.



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