I rushed out of the house catching a small, heavy rubber ball on my way. No, I don’t want to hurt him. I want to frighten him, make a lot of noise, throw something close to his ear so that he would remember and never come back!
‘Go away, you so-and-so!,’ I shouted  hacking through the bushes.

When a big tabby tomcat with a web eye crouched on the bench in the garden from time to time, I didn’t mind a bit. Let he sit in peace, poor thing. He must have a hard life with only one eye.

However, all the warm feelings towards him disappeared at once, when one day I heard shrieks of fighting cats and saw our little cuddly running as fast as she could chased by… the poor invalid! The next morning it was our bigger kitten who got attacked by the One-eyed!

kotek2The bloody awful nasty! How can he beat my little treasures! I was working on an elaborate plan with the garden hose playing the main role, when suddenly I was hit by a thought – our both cats seemed much less distressed by the whole situation than myself! They got more cautious at some times during the day, but they still would rush outside in the morning and chase insects on the lawn all day long or enjoy themselves with more dangerous expeditions to the neighboring gardens.

One-eyed’s savage attacks were not able to deprive them of their joy of life.


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