laleczkaPSAmy woke up in bad mood and muttered angrily when I called her to come down. She was dressing slowly and reluctantly and got irritated when I hurried her as the clock was inevitably counting minutes to the departure of the school bus.

When she pulled her top over her head, I looked at her dear, sulky face and asked casually:

‘Nothing under the pillow, was it?…’

She froze up with one arm half in the sleeve, looked deep into my eyes and suddenly her little face brightened up. In a flash she was done with the rest of the clothes and explaining something about a hair band left on her desk she rushed upstairs.

After a while she went back overjoyed, showing me a card and a small bag with a few trifles inside. I pretended I had nothing to do with them and she pretended she believed me – however, it gave us both great pleasure.

10 years of age is probably too much to believe in fairies, but I thought painful removing of the remainings of a baby tooth was worth a reward. And how beautiful it was to invite some magic into our life. As beautiful as becoming aware of the magic surrounding us all every time, every day.

We all need it. We miss it because we feel the material reality around us is not able to give us real, lasting happiness and we know somewhere deep inside of us that there is something more… Something that brings sense to our lives, that transfers them into a new, beautiful and deep dimension – the realm of fullness, where there is no pain nor suffering.

At the gate Amy turned to me and waved me good bye joyfully. Bad mood disappeared and was long forgotten. Magic remained. And suddenly a grey, cloudy day changed into a wonderful fairytale filled with the smell of wet soil and with the smiles of children met on her way.


I wanted to add a picture to the post, but wasn’t happy with all the shots of dolls I’d made. Then I started experimenting with light and I discovered that shots aginst the light make a special mood and are perfect for my post. Thanks WordPress Team!


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