łolek2The kitten stumbled and fell again. Although dizzy and muddled after the narcosis, he obstinately refused to lie down and rest. He even tried to climb up the stairs and jump on the chairs which was definitely forbidden at the moment.

The only time he managed to relax and immediately went to sleep was when I took him into my arms, held him close and swayed gently just as I used to do with my little daughter when she was uneasy or not well.

Late evening the kitten still couldn’t relax without me, so I kept looking after him and went to interrupted sleep long after midnight. When I woke up well into the small hours of the morning, a sudden thought came to me. I realized that we, humans, are very much like the kitten. We relax when we feel loved and cared for by someone more powerful and wiser that ourselves. And when we do that, when we trust completely in what is and stop fighting or thrashing around, a new dimension opens before us. Dimension of calm and bliss that brings us joy, happiness and wellbeing.

Tired after the almost sleepless night I looked at the kitten lying beside me. As if feeling I was looking at him, he opened his eyes, lifted his head and started purring quietly. I understood then that everything would be ok.

You, dear two-legged kitten, would also be ok. The whole Universe is looking after you. You are safe in Its arms.

You are Its most beloved treasure.


In response to the: Photo of the week

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