I’ve tried using my reader to find blogs that would interest me, but it didn’t work. I kept putting one tag after another and nothing. Complete failure. Frustrated and dissapointed, I decided to give up, when suddenly I realised how many great, interesting people I’ve met on the Blogging 101 Commons.

I’ve never suspected Blogging 101 would be such a nice, encouraging experience. I’ve always been affraid that “people on the other side of the screen” are some distant creatures lurking to score every single mistake I make and I would never be able to make them interested in what I write. It paralised me and, in spite of all my love of writing, kept me from sharing the thoughts I wanted to share very much.

Now, it’s much easier for me to say:

– Hello! I’m here for you! You are very welcome to drop in and read about my ups and downs or look at the pictures I’ve made. I’ll do my best to make my blog as beautifull as possible not only with external beauty, but most of all with the beauty that comes from within and which shows us how much beauty and goodness  we can meet every day, everywhere – in a ray of sunshine, in a drop of rain, in a smile of a stranger on the street…


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